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Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
many many vacations, some of them quite controversial to spain and the ski slopes in the western united states. she's been at one point during the period of several months, 42 days on vacation. she is living the life of a very pampered woman and apparently this fits with her personality. >> you right, where's the clintons were open and above horrid about their co-presidency posting that hillary was an equal partner with bill, the obamas have been careful to hide the fact that michelle is the president's most important political adviser and the one he listens to above all others before he makes decisions. >> yes and i think that's so true. the way she does that is often through her very best friend, how she gets her opinions through. her very best friend, valerie jarrett. valerie jarrett is a woman who hired michelle many many years ago to work with her in mayor daley's administration in chicago. the more importantly valerie jarrett is the person who comes from a very well off african-american family with great connections to power sources all over chicago. when she introduced bar
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
status from spain. imagine. we got to spain, we did not know where to go. luckily enough, my husband it had family in hungary, but, i mean, iranian officials that have tops of money, and they find homes in the west. why? because they bring money with them, but then the disdance, honestly, when he landed in canada, we had $200 left in our pocket. we were literally hungry and no country was taking us, finally, canada -- and i'm so grateful to this country country of north that gave us a home where we had nowhere to be, just one thing, a little bit out of that, but i just need to make a point, are we going to get a time at the end? >> i'll give you time, sure. >> great, because there's something i have to add. >> okay, sure. the gentleman in the back row. >> good morning, the ceo of ther foundation,org, working with political prisoners, and i think some of you mentioned it's clear president obama is going to cut a deal or is going to try to cut a deal with the iranian regime over the nuclear weapons program that will, in fact, sacrifice people the iran. i'd like to ask ali if you could
Nov 30, 2012 11:00pm EST
origin. while caesar was in spain, the election of consoles was approaching. he applied the senate for permission to send a candidate, but cato strongly opposes request attempts to prevent his success by gaining time with which you until it was too late to conclude on anything that day. the filibusters only been around 2064 years since circa 59 b.c. don't believe the left of the falsely claim the filibuster was a mistake in 1805 by aaron burr. the late robert c. byrd would say otherwise. norman ornstein -- from 2005 cents in things about republicans and his nuclear option and judges that i agree with. now let me emphasize this is a radical step. this will require breaking the rules comes steamrolling parliamentarians and i must tell you it's been very disappointed in the reporting of this issue, which tends to use it kind of gloucestershire and other matters: making it appear as if this is some thing at any time can be done by a majority. they just have been elected to do it before. that's not the case. it's clear if each eligible on constitutional grounds the challenge is debatabl
Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
france, spain, great britain and mexico. they were found on the issue of slavery in the territory and southern nationalism. when you think about the jefferson-jackson party formation what they had was truly affect. bottled up along the eastern seaboard and they gained control over course of 50 years of the entire continent, the pacific. there is no possibility is that americans could settle that territory of the time. the the united states gained control of the arizona territory in 1846. it didn't become a state until 1914. the louisiana purchase the would begin to settle it in the 1850's when the slavery issue for the country apart. the republican regime orchestrated the industrialization of the nation based on the concept of economic liberty, the tariff and the gold standard. in 1865 the united states was an agricultural country about 30 million. when they were overthrown and was a highly industrialized country and probably the most prosperous country in the world. that wasn't six ackley known by americans at the time. >> i met the party platforms of the republican party and the dem
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4